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My Role Model

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My Paternal Grandmother – My Role Model

She’d travelled by train in the Sixties over a continent, from what is now the Former Yugoslavia over Europe. She was my age – a  60yrs young, but who only knew how to speak her native tongue of Serbo-Croat and had never left her village. You can imagine the determination; the Will that was needed. The Village Where My Grandmother Was From

But she was made of Entrepreneurial stock!

Born into a family during the Austro-Hungarian Empire – in the same region as Gavrilo Princip, she’d worked in her families trading store – the only one for hundreds of miles! It bred in her the wits and ingenuity that she needed to travel to the UK to look after me – he eldest son’s new born child.

She became my inspiration and trade was in her blood. Without a single understanding of English she was one of the first ‘Second-hand’ traders. Getting her wears from church jumble sales and then selling them on for a profit. She taught me there was nothing you couldn’t achieve so long as you had an aim, a goal, a dream and put your wits into action.

So, for most of my life I have had some sort of business which without the internet had meant we could have a lovely home, send our children to the best schools and go back to the Former Yugoslavia which is where most of our family still was.

But life evolved, my husband died and I ended up with businesses that needed to go online.

New Chapter

Fast forward to mid 2016 when I sat staring at another bill I couldn’t pay.

How did I get here?, I wondered…

I was just aimlessly and hopelessly stared at the bill and wondering…
What had I done wrong in life, to get to this position? Why is it that things hadn’t worked out for me when I put sooo much effort into things this last year and why is it that some people can successfully build a business so easily?

You see in trying to get leads and sales online for my existing businesses, I’d read a lot about
successful people who had cut it online. I read an article about Lynda Weinman who had just sold her company to Linked-In for a staggering $1.5 Billion. Yet she had started out by simply teaching people how to make their websites.

She said:

“I was not techy or geeky, and I figured a lot of things out on my own so people came to me to ask, ‘How you do this and that?’ I didn’t realise sharing your enthusiasm but something was teaching.”

So wind back slightly and I was having thoughts at the end of 2014 beg of 2015, that I wasn’t dissimilar to Lynda. That I like to help people too,  and that I did that in all my businesses. So why not get to do it with customers online.

As my daughter likes to say “You love giving advice, mum”.

How difficult can it be I thought!

So, I gradually started trawling the web to find an answer to how to get more customers from the web. Initially it was to help my offline businesses. And specifically to optimise those beautiful websites that had been created for me costing a fortune, but which no-one visited.

If Lynda could do it then so could I, I didn’t need web-designers to take my money – I was going to become web savvy!

I did learn a lot; a massive amount.

And I tried just about EVERYTHING…….and failed a lot. I also leaned a lot about people making loads of dosh and those that lose a lot too. I was going to become one of the latter!

Ever the entrepreneur that sees an opportunity! I realised I could see these home business opportunities that are on the web. After all, I’d been searching and searching….doing a load of research on something that I could confidently put my name to that which would allow me to live a better quality of life. Get more of my time back to do the things I enjoyed without financial worries.

So, I purchased into a home business opportunity for $8000, they promised ‘financial freedom’. I did make $9,692.66….

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 13.20.24

……but it took another investment of $9,497 for me to get overwhelmed, confused and into more debt.

Scared, I went into online hibernation and tried to develop my existing businesses with what I had learned. You see I still had my B&B and my Carpet Cleaning Business. My new skills  helped a bit with my existing business, but not to the extent that my profit making machine was in place and having lots of 0000000’s at the end of my profit figure, bringing my ideal lifestyle.

I made more money and had a better lifestyle, before the internet came along frankly – yet the internet promised of an easier life – automation, more time freedom and  consequently security.

So, why was I at rock bottom? Why had I not found the answer, instead of getting more and more into debt. After all, I’d done my research! I blamed it on Google, I blamed it on Facebook, I blamed it on Twitter – they all wanted my adverting money, I thought!  But they were making it so difficult. Hey, it wasn’t even straight adverting any more – it was an auction!!!! A Lottery!!!!

I was not only at rock bottom but for the first time I HATED BUSINESS! I wanted a BOSS and no STRESS – what a mixed up mind eh!!

HallelujahBut then – Hallelujah! A breakthrough that we all dream of  and I remember it like yesterday.

I was on my FB page (getting good at FB by then!) when a previous friend who had also been in the same home business opportunity, popped up.

She was all enthusiastic about a new business opportunity and at first I thought – no way, I can’t go there again. But she kept popping up on my newsfeed saying she’d finally found the way to financial freedom. So I reached out to Karen while I followed her posts where she continued SHOUTING:

“The training is easy”

“A welcome surprise after being overwhelmed”

“Wow! 9 sales today so far!”

“I’ve just earned my first $1000 sale”

“I’ve only been there 6 weeks and

I’ve made $25,876.

FB - Wow pageIt went on and on for days! So I felt compelled to talk to her! Well you would, wouldn’t you! We Skyped, and Karen told me about how this “New business model” had only just been started by a multi-six figure earner – now my Mentor Misha. A simple business system.

How he had made multiple six figures out of a business online. Karen knew, I was still stuck, struggling and overwhelmed but I also looked depressed – she said!

I was, and the closest I had EVER come to quitting on any business, in fact quitting – anything! Yet I’m NOT naturally a quitter!

She reminded me, 

Why McDonalds is SO successful?

Why Starbucks is SO successful?

Why Subway is SO successful?

One word…

SYSTEMS – great systems!

Stands For;

Franchises have SYSTEMS in place that allow 90% of all users to be successful, while 90%

of all startups fail. She explained to me that she had found a SYSTEM… where our previous ‘system’ had fallen short!

This was a franchise model system… where 90% of everything was done for her. It was tested and proven to convert. It was the exact same business system Misha Wilson had used to make his multiple six figures.

A simple system where all the capture pages, offers, sales videos, e-mail follow-up and general marketing pieces we’d both been struggling to create, would be created by the experts, and readily available for us to use.

From there, after finding some level of success with this franchise model system, she said she’d started to branch off and started creating her own offers, her own marketing, and her own systems – HER OWN BUSINESS.

She explained that everyone who was ultra successful – started with the ‘done for you’ systems. Everyone who has their own offers and systems used other peoples systems as their stepping stones. She told me it was the most resistance free route… and that removing resistance is ALWAYS key (that’s a lesson in of itself). It was a simple system – and simple resonated with me.

So I jumped in and paid my Annual Payment – I went ALL IN!

I tapped into the very same FRANCHISE MODEL system… and I focused all of my efforts on traffic generation using the models tested SYSTEM.

A SYSTEM that in 10 days made my first $250. Yes I know its not as much as Karen but that

was only the beginning and we all have our own journey.

But how even $250 in 10 days?

Because I was able to focus ALL of my energy on traffic generation (getting people in-front of my pre-made funnels – online)… AND I even had personal, one on one coaching to help me with that.

From there, everything was taken care of. My traffic was converted into leads, my leads into sales, my sales into repeat sales… all by a team of professional 6,7 and 8 figure earners and a TOP MENTOR Misha Wilson. It was literally the perfect model… the perfect “stepping stone” if you will.



Within 6 weeks I’d made over $800 – and on it went.

In my 6th month I made my first $3,000 commission and that month I also got to the top of my opportunities leaderboard.

How I got to the top of my opportunities leaderboardNow its YOUR turn to jump!

Tap into the exact same system RIGHT HERE

You will have access to 21 simple learning modules, showing you how to build a business making omney online, and if you only follow and implement it will get you to that freedom of lifestyle we all want.

You will get a personal one on one 6 figure coach to help you get results – SALES, fast and I will be there to guide you and encourage you along.

There is also a community of like minded people to also help you achieve your goals. Check it out here, and let me know what you think.

Then you can get to know me even better. After all having got this far you will surely want to know more. Having got this far I can see you are of Entreprenerial Spirit with a curious and wanting mind 🙂

Diane “Web Savvy Nana” Duvnjak

Diane Duvnjak

PS If you have gained value; like my story; want to see how things are evolving then connect, share, join the Super Affiliate Network Now!

PPS I have often wondered why I didn’t ‘make it’ in the first business opportunity I invested in and I now know why. Systems can be made complicated or simple; straightforward or goes round the houses. SAN is simple and straightforward and you can follow it here 🙂



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