Do You Love Andreas Antonopolous?

Do You Love Andreas Antonopolous?

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Yes I Love Andreas Antonopolous!

And what is there not to love a man who has this view:

Do You Love Andreas Antonopolous?


“Your pledge does not purchase my speech: Quite the opposite in fact -your donations give me the independence to speak my mind. My political, social, and philosophical views may differ from yours. I’m passionate about justice; I’m incensed at injustice and I proudly speak up about issues that are important to me. I hope you do too. The world is a better place when people are not afraid to speak truth”.

So, do you love Andreas Antonopolous now? I’m betting you do if you also are in the ‘know’ about the crash of 2008 and its aftermath. Where ‘quantatative’ easing became order of the day and the ‘Bail-Outs’ became the pensions dished out to the Banksters.

Do You Love Andreas Antonopolous?He gave a Keynote speech at the Summit, where many ‘geeky’ Entrepreneurs met and networked. People like the Master of Ceremonies and founder of the Podcast… ‘What Bitcoin Did’, Peter McCormack and a lovely up and coming Entrepreneur, Jonathan Knegtel of ‘Blockdata’.

But the highlight for me was Andreas’s Keynote speech where he talked about the millions of ‘unbanked’ people of the world. As well as telling us the banksters are continuing to get rid of the world exchanging in ‘cash’. You know those notes of paper that ‘promise to pay the bearer’. Notes that I hardly ever have on me anymore. A presentation where he and his audience were at times in tears because of the consequences of it all…and consequences to MOST of us. Not just the Unbanked.

What about you?

I’d never thought about it before but the ‘unbanked’ can only rely on this other ‘peer to peer’ form of exchange. And what will this sector of our society…and they are all around us not just in ‘poor’ countries, what will they ‘exchange’ in when ALL paper disappears?

Who has the answer to this huge problem; serving millions of people?
Actually, I think he, Andreas Antonopolous said it was in the BILLIONS! A solution to BILLIONS…now that is an opportunity if ever I heard one. But to make a living while making a difference… just doesn’t get any better than that.

#thereisananswer #wealthbuilder #ViveLaRévolution

Have a Great Day!

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