Entrepreneurs Collect & Keep Assets

Entrepreneurs Collect & Keep Assets

October 11, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

We are a throwaway and squandering society and yet Entrepreneurs collect and keep assets. Why have we got ourselves into this way of living?

I hate to see waste, don’t you?

All that plastic in the Pacific, all the rubbish we collect which only a small part is recycled. We now apparently change our cars every three years; we are increasingly changing our appliances just to have to work to replace them and there is ‘refurbishment’, it’s big. Ever since we got the DIY giants.

We all want ‘new’ as though old is no use to us.

Yet I love my ‘old pair of shoes’ don’t you? There’s that woolly pullover that is just the right size, just the right colour and keeps us cosy. And my other half’s car (which I recycled to him) is nearly 18yrs old and it’s in much better condition than the 10yr old golf I just traded in.

And DON”T get me on the food! Well, I will, all that waste! My mother used to say don’t waste your food as there are so many starving in the world.

What we are doing is destroying ourselves and our beautiful world.

And its the same with the money. All this printing of new money. We are going to get to the stage, as in the 1920’s when German citizens had more value in the wheelbarrows they used to collect their wages in.

It’s going to end badly, mark my words. And we need to prepare. Prepare with the oldest currency on the planet and a metal we NEVER throw away. Just like that old comfy pair of shoes.

Get saving folks as there will come a day when you will need it like the Greeks. But more than that Gold will make you wealthy.

This is the way I get it for free.



Diane Duvnjak

PS There are more Entrepreneurs being made on the Internet than in conventional bricks and mortar businesses. True or False?


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